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2006年8月23日 (水)




A: I’m Hiroshi (Nakayama). Nice to meet you.
B: I’m Joe (Gabriella). Nice to meet you, too.

備考: 1. If you introduce yourself first,
extend your hand to indicate you
want to shake the other person’s

2. Look into the person’s eyes and
smile as you introduce yourself.

3. Note that the word it’s is often
deleted from the expression,
“It’s nice to meet you,” as
shown above.

4. In a more formal setting such as
a business conference, you would use your full name.

Sales Presentation
This type of introduction is used when you
are meeting a client for the first time to
discuss a product or service. You can use
this introduction before giving a formal

I’m Hiroshi Nakayama from EELearning.
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me

As you may know, EELearning is a company
specializing in internet-based education and

In 2004, when we started the company, we
focused primarily on English-related services.

Now, however, we have expanded into translation,
copyrighting, training, and M&A consulting.

I am the director of the training division,
and I would like to show you some of our new
leadership development programs.

Note: 1. Be sure to thank your listeners
for their time.

2. As shown in the model above, you
should begin by introducing your
company and describing its range
of services. Then, you should tell
which department you work in,
give your title, and reveal the
purpose of the presentation.

Key Note Speech
This type of introduction is used before
giving a speech or talk about your personal
experiences in business or another field.

Good Afternoon. I am Hiroshi Nakayama,
and I’m delighted to be here.

I was asked to talk to you about my experience
developing global leaders at EELearning, but
before doing so, let me tell you a little
about myself.

I grew up in Kakogawa and went to college
in Hokkaido. Then, I entered H Chemical,
where I began my international business career.

While still in my twenties, I was sent to
Brazil then to the United States.

After living there for fourteen years, I
returned to Japan to head up a joint venture
between H Chemical and two American chemical

Through this position, I came to understand
the importance of developing Japanese leaders
who can work across cultures.

The idea for my company, EELearning, followed.

Note: 1. The self introduction should
tell a little about your
personal experiences as they
relate to the topic you are
going to talk about.

2. You should generally avoid
talking about family or hobbies
unless they clearly relate to
the topic you will be talking about.




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