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2006年5月10日 (水)

Improve your listening comprehension

◆The following tips will help you improve your
listening comprehension.

◆I do not recommend language tapes to improve
listening comprehension.

◆Rather, I suggest that you watch videotapes and
CDs of American movies and dramas because these
genres feature conversational English replete with
the idioms and usage patterns employed by native

◆Thus, they provide a good model. In addition,
the pronunciation is typically clearer than that
of native speakers having a high-speed conversation.

◆The first time you listen, focus on following
the plot.

◆Even if you miss many of the words, you should
be able to follow the plot, especially since the
images provide visual clues.

◆The second time you watch the video or CD, try
to catch as many words as possible.

◆If you encounter a passage that you completely
miss, view that passage again?and again and again,
if necessary?until you get the idea of what is
being said.

◆The third time you watch the CD or video, write
idioms or usage patterns that catch your ear on
a note pad and learn them.


« Improve your English fluency | トップページ | 語彙の増やし方 »




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